Limping man.

[Risk No.2] As the kids and I walked into Target, I noticed a man with a severe limp.

Me: “Excuse me, sir, may I ask what is the cause of your limp?”

Him: In raged, southern-bred accent: “Hmmm. I had 3 discs go out in my back and I have a disease in my discs and on top of that, I have scoliosis (the spine curves improperly)”.

Me: “Are you in pain?”

Him: “Always!”

Me: “Can I pray that Jesus heals you?”

Him: “Jesus always heals me. Everyday I get up I’m grateful that I can walk.”

Me: “That’s a wonderful attitude. I’ve seen God heal people in all kinds of conditions, can I pray that He completely restores your body?”

Him: “No, that’s OK.”

Me: Puzzled, and a bit disheartened: “Ok, well God bless you anyway!”

Him: “Happy New Year.”

Me: “Happy New Year.”

As we drive away from Target, kids and I pray for the mans complete physical healing and that God would continue to grow him into Christ. Jesus, we pray for all those suffering from back problems. Would you release your power and presence to heal and restore – and thank You for using us in the process!