[Risk No. 6] Stopped at Wal-mart on the road home. Joseph and I went looking for ping-pong balls while Father-in-Law snagged groceries. I noticed a woman stocking fruit and felt the still-small Voice of “Encourage her!” Approached and shared what I felt God put on my heart. “I feel God wants me to encourage you. Do you have children?” Turns out she’s mother of five. “I see a picture of you raising your children in the ways of the Lord and that pleases God. Thank you for investing and caring for your kids. You are an encourager of others.” She warmly responds with how strange it is that I would say this because she’s just had an argument with a co-worker and was feeling incredibly discouraged. Joseph and I were able to pray for her and remind her she is loved. Smiles all around as we met up with Father-in-Law.

Bless Trasina and her family, Lord. Thank You for the work you’ve already begun and the work you will bring to completion.