My Old Friend, Dreamer.

[Risk No. 8] My friend Jeff has known me a long while, we attended countless hardcore and punk-rock shows together in our youth. The words Slacker66 and Takehold undoubtedly bring fond (and funny) memories to mind. Jeff had texted me a couple of weeks back stating he had received a dream “from the Lord”. I respect Jeff and the way that God speaks to/thru him. We got together and when I asked him about the dream, his response was, “I can’t tell you about that one but I had another one this morning.” I took the risk and shared what I felt God had told me his first dream was about. He confirmed my feelings and we were both uber-surprised. I also invited Jeff to pray about joining me in the Thousand Risk challenge. Lord, bring a peace and confirmation to those things you revealed to Jeff and I tonight. Continue blessing him with prophetic dreams and all Your plans/desires for his life and family.