[Risk No. 11] Not every risk requires a stranger. Many times the hardest place to step out of comfort is right in the midst of our very own homes. Standing in prayer next to those closest to us is often times harder for me than approaching complete strangers. So was the case with my Mother-in-Law. She’s incredibly sweet. She also comes from a dry Methodist turned committed Southern Baptist background. Authoritative prayers for healing hurts weren’t exactly commonplace (then again, neither were they for me up until a couple of years ago). Long-story short, she had damaged her right rotator cuff and then also had come down with a mean case of Pneumonia over the break. I asked if my wife and I could pray over her symptoms. She kindly agreed. Most do. The fear of awkward is usually only in my head. She awoke the next morning feeling considerably better and along the way I discovered the Lord had restored her shoulder (we had prayed months earlier and at the time Dr.’s were suggesting surgery). Thank you, Jesus, for family. Thank you for how we get to grow together. Grow us all closer to family today. Bless our parents and in-Laws and cause us to be a blessing to them. Help us reach greater breakthrough for healing – physically and relationally – everywhere it’s needed.