Pastor Risk.

[Risk No. 12] I took a risk on Saturday at Krispy Kreme. I felt the need to pray for our server, so I’m sitting at our table with Sarah and the boys and asking Jesus to give me something. Eventually I got the courage to approach her again and told her that I’d been praying for her and that I felt like God was telling me she’d had a rough 2012 and that there was something in there she’d kept private from everyone, but that God loves her and knows her and has good things for her in 2013. As I’m praying for her I see a tattoo on her arm with a crescent and a cross (possibly an upside down cross) and I’m pretty sure that she’s into witchcraft, though I could be wrong. Anyway, I gave her a card from Cornerstone and told her if she wants to talk, give us a call.

It’s weird, I can stand in front of however many people God gives for me to preach to, but these one-on-one encounters are terrifying. But I want more! And I want to be bolder!!
Note: Jonathan is a British pastor friend of mine based in Idaho. Lord, I pray you answer his prayer for more bold encounters fueled by love. Please stir pastors the globe over by the power of Your Spirit.