[Risk No. 13] I met Ticoya while checking out at Target. I told her how I felt God had given her a gift of “truly caring” for others, and that no matter the circumstance, she was someone who chose to love, even in challenging times. She smiled. I shared a few other encouraging words/thoughts. I then asked if she had any stomach pain/issues. “No, why do you ask?” I had woken up with the picture of an African-American woman who had stomach issues and thought I might meet her today. I shared with Ticoya how I’m learning to hear God’s voice. She immediately said, “Oh, well, my mother has a serious stomach issue!” (I believe she said it was called dyspepsia). We prayed for her mom and she was grateful. I was thrilled that even though I had made the assumption Ticoya was the one with the stomach issue, the Lord (again) made it all clear in the end.