[Risk No. 16] I met my friend Rick for lunch at Panda Express. He’s a fellow pastor in the city. Our server, a guy named Aaron, was really friendly and I’d been looking for the next everyday risk to embark on. As I was sharing with Rick over noodles and spicy chicken the New Year’s Day risk, and the One Thousand Risks blog, I announced that Aaron was my next risk.
Then Aaron went out the door, which was one of those, “Did I just miss something?” moments. Another waitress came by and I asked if he’d left for the day. It was just his lunch break. When he came back through the door, I approached him, invited him to Cornerstone and told him I’d been praying for him and that I felt God wanted me to invite him along to our church, and was there anything I could be praying about for him.
Turns out that tomorrow, Aaron is expecting his first baby (Scarlet) with his fiance, Courtney. Rick and I sat at our table and prayed for them and I saw Aaron smiling as he went back to work.
Jesus, pour out on this new family! Root and ground them in you, your love and your grace!
– Johnny.