Mary & Lisa.

[Risks No. 14 & 15] I couldn’t help notice Lisa’s smile as I walked into the bank. I felt God gave me a word for her. I told Lisa that earlier in the day God had given me a mental picture of a woman who had a challenging year and was worried 2013 would be an overflow of the same. I asked her if that made any sense to her and she said, “well, I’ve actually had one of the best years ever but maybe that’s a word for someone else and I’ll pass it along.” My heart sank. This isn’t the first time I’ve had a “bad” word. I apologized to her and asked if she had any pain or physical problems. Her right knee hasn’t been right since a marathon she ran. I asked if I could pray for her knee and she obliged. She thanked me and I was off. Anytime I come off a “failed” word I feel the weight of discouragement. I asked God to forgive me for making a mess and He reminded me that no mess is too big for Him to clean. He would rather I make a mess out of obedience that He has to clean than to never attempt big things in His name. Wow.

I walked around Costco feeling disheartened and not really wanting to pray or step out toward anyone. I asked God to change my attitude. As I was checking out, I struck a conversation with Mary. She was in her late 40’s/early 50’s and seemed pretty rough around the edges. I asked how her back and shoulders were feeling from all the standing. “Oh, they bother me all the time but I go to a chiropractor. I won’t take drugs, I hate drugs.” Cool, I don’t like drugs either. Mary, God has given me a gift for healing. “Wow, that’s cool. It’s like something you can give out?” Yep, exactly. It’s not meant for me, it’s meant for others. Give me your hand. She stretched out her hand and I prayed God would bless her year and give her Godly goals. I commanded pain to leave her back, shoulders and neck. I commanded stress to leave and she tensed up. “Wow, I can totally feel this weird sensation when you told stress to leave, stress is a big one for me.” As I began to walk away, Mary looked at me and then thanked me – especially for the fact that I prayed looking her in the eyes. Interesting.

Failed attempts and sweet testimonies often go hand-in-hand. It’s very common that not long after a failed risk, I will see a wonderful breakthrough. God is good. Keep going. Thank Him for the great times and the not-so-great times.