[Risk No. 17] I was out to eat with some friends tonight and knew that I wanted to step out and love on our waiter. Waiters are easy to strike up conversations with, you are forced to talk to them about food – which I love to talk about – and they are forced to be nice to you (if they want a good tip). Its funny looking back at my life how many times I’ve been served food and have acted like my server is more like a slave, no eye contact, short conversation, do my bidding and leave me kind of thing. That was then…

Joseph is a college student who waits tables to pay his way through school. I was pretty forward when I asked, “So this may seem like a strange question, but do you have any pain in your body?” He smiled and said, “No, but my feet are getting tired.” I know that I’ve grown because a few months ago I would have thought I missed it. But my purpose is to love him, step out, take a risk – not to perform.
He let me pray a quick prayer where I spoke life into his tired feet and went to get us the check. It was in that moment that the Lord put it on my heart to really bless this guy financially. The phrase that came to mind was “put your money where your mouth is.” So I gave him a tip that equalled the bill 100%.
After we had packed the car and headed down the road my wife realized that forgot one of our baby girl’s toys at the restaurant. I turned around and ran back in. There was Joseph with a huge smile and my baby girl’s toy. It was the expression in his eyes that made my night. It was an expression that he will remember as possibly one of his best nights as a server. He was loved on tonight.
Note: Tommy is a good pal and fellow risk-taker. He lives in Kentucky with his wife and baby girl and has a huge heart for Jesus. It’s the stories like this that inspire me to keep going.