The Risk of not Risking.

I missed this one. Not even a failed attempt, I didn’t even try. As I drove out of the parking lot I was in good phone conversation with a friend. I noticed what looked like an old homeless man on his knees (yes, a strange sight). Several people were around him. One was on her phone. Between the green light and my call, I opted not to pull over and see if I could help or simply pray for the man. In part because some homeless people seem to have more problems than I have faith (or love) for. This man looked like one of them. God, please forgive me. Jesus would have stopped, gone out of His way, no question about it. I picked up lunch a mile down the road at Pepperfire (Nashville’s famous spicy basked-grilled chicken).

I noticed an ambulance fly by as I grabbed chicken on the go. The thought crossed my mind that they were heading for the old man. As I approached the scene fire truck and ambulance were present – lights a’ flashing. They were loading the man, now on a gurney, into the ambulance. At that moment I realized where I should have been, by his side.

Help me, Jesus, not to miss opportunities to love. Thank You for grace and forgiveness along the way. Please touch this man’s life and work wonders in and through him.