Risk in the Snow.

[Risk No. 19] This morning, before I headed to a friend’s house, I was cleaning out the diaper bag (the inspired life of a caring mom). I reached for a copy of “Death Is Not Welcome Here”, but then thought, ‘I won’t need that, I’m just going to her house and back.’ In the end I decided to put it in the bag anyway, just in case.

I have been praying that the Lord would give me more opportunities to show His love to people, but too often those opportunities seem too insignificant, too silly, probably just me. But after I drove past the old lady trudging through the snow and ice on the road, with a cane, carrying groceries, little girl in tow, I felt like I should turn around. I didn’t hear God “say” anything, I just knew that if I never take a opportunity, I likely won’t get many. And what better way than to help someone who clearly has a need. I turned around and offered the lady a ride. They were just a half a block from home but were eager to take me up on the offer. (Thank you, God, for our van, which could fit them both!)
As I was helping her out of the van, I told her that I had been praying for God to give me an opportunity to show His love to someone. And I knew it was them. She said “Oh, you got your wish, then.” Then I gave them a copy of the book.
I should have learned her name, asked how I could pray for her, asked if I could help out another way, but I didn’t. That’s ok, next time! It was like a blur, like the first day on a job, where you’re trying to remember your training. I know that if I keep asking, He will keep giving me opportunities.”
Note: Sarah, my Idaho pastor-friend’s wife, was kind enough to share her risk with us. Lord, we pray that this becomes the first of countless many opportunities to love others.