[Risk No. 33] Early morning stop at the computer shop. Ryan helped me out and I struggled on deciding whether or not to take the risk. I asked the Lord how He saw Ryan. And the first thought that came to mind (which is 99% of what I go with) was that he was a calculated but bold risk-taker. As Ryan handed my credit card back and began walking off I decided to just do it. I explained how as a Christian I’m practicing hearing God’s voice for others and that I commonly ask God how he’s wired someone or how he’s made them. That got his attention. I shared about the risk taker and how he calculates risks and how some people see him as slow to get on board with a new idea but he’s actually just using wisdom before jumping in. He nodded and said, “Yeah, that’s weird, that’s totally me.” I thanked him for being a risk-taker. He thanked me for sharing.