Amy, failure & redneck plumbers.

[Risk No. 34] While en-route to the plumbing store (praying healing over my clogged shower drain just hasn’t brought results yet!) I had the slight thought that someone may be dealing with a neck problem. I ordered my Thrift (epic drain de-clogger) and I asked the cashier her name. “I’m Amy.” Nice to meet you, Amy. I love asking people their names. It’s just as rare as offering to pray for them. Learn to ask people their names, it changes the way you see them. They are real people with real lives and real ups and downs (just like me and you). Turns out she didn’t have any neck pain. Fail (or just another learning curve). As I walked out to my car I noticed two plumbers about to get into their van and I asked if either had neck or body pain. Fail, again. Ha. By this point, I was just having fun with it and asked God to bless them all the same. Normally I’d be bummed to miss two “words” in a row, but God lifted me up and helped me just keep on going. Rejoice always!