Awkward obedience.

[Risk No. 35] We went out on Saturday for a double date with some friends from Cornerstone. Les Miserables was our starting point. I cried a whole bunch, it was overwhelming. But then my consolation came in the form of burgers…
Before we grabbed a bite, Sarah had to feed Ransom. Bryan, Tina and I headed to Hastings to kill time. I ended up in the kids section looking for books to read to my boys, and I noticed a mom with her baby. I felt like I needed to share the word, “Comfort” with her but didn’t want to weird her out by approaching on my own. So I went back to find Tina and Bryan, explained the whole “risk” thing, and they agreed to come with me.
I said, “Excuse me ma’am.” I was crouched down because she was sitting on the floor, and she looked at me. “I’m trying this year to listen better to God and I was praying for you and I wonder if you’d be open to me sharing a word with you?” She smiled, and said, “Oh, that’s ok, no thanks.” I told her no worries and walked away with my friends, and actually felt pretty good – rejection hadn’t crippled me, I’d tried to be obedient and either I was wrong or they weren’t open to it, but either way I was looking for Jesus and that’s always good.
We got the call from Sarah and headed to Red Robin to meet her. I was sharing, in my somewhat passionate, loud way, with Sarah about what had happened when Tina said, “They’re standing right behind you!”
I laughed. Quite a lot. And prayed right then that Jesus would seat us next to them, if he wanted me to say anything else. We ended up on the entirely opposite side of the restaurant, and had a great night of laughter and refreshing with our friends, so all was well. I was just struck by how the thought of rejection was so much more awkward than the reality of it in this instance. How much do we hold out for fear of rejection, when rejection isn’t actually the worst thing in the world?
Note: As Christians, we have to learn to speak the language of our hearers. Church context is much different than world context. Sharing a “word” with someone in church is typically understood as a word of encouragement. Sharing a “word” with someone out and about would likely come across as “preaching” to them. Great try, Johnny. My guess is you were shot down not for Jesus, but for awkward. I’ve been there, and still am, many times. Love learning with you, bro!