Faithful Maria.

[Risk No. 53] I see Maria often. Nearly every morning as I make my way into the office, she is faithfully selling the homeless newspaper. I love seeing her. She has a huge smile and such a simple faith perspective. I stopped for fuel at the same corner she sells papers. As soon as the gas was pumping, I walked over to a hug and New Year’s hello. We talked for a while and I asked her how her foot was feeling. She was diagnosed last year with a varicose disease in her foot/ankle. “Oh, the Lord is healing it, slowly. It feels better than it did.” We prayed again and commanded pain to leave. She noticed a small amount of change. I prayed love over her foot, this new year and her life.

Sometimes the risk involves following up with people to see how God has responded over time. Though my heart and faith is expectant for immediate results (what I see Jesus clearly demonstrated in his time on earth), I also realize that healing is often times a process. I don’t want to get caught up in anything but standing with people in full confidence that God is on their side.

Lord, would this be the year that amazing progress takes place in those who have suffered for months or years with little to no change in circumstance. Bless Maria and thank You for her smile.