Tina, like Turner.

[Risk No. 56] Last night we celebrated my wife’s birthday at our favorite pizza joint here in town. Tina, “like Turner,” was our server. She had great people skills and was super attentive to our kids’ constant need of bread and water. She reminded me of a friend who is really gifted as a make-up/hair-stylist. Often times when someone reminds me of someone else, the Lord gives me a word for them based on a similarity. I asked Tina if she had a passion for styling/make-up and I was a bit surprised when I learned she had formerly been a stylist. I told her she reminded me of a friend who had worked as a stylist for a pop star. She instantly blurted out, “I’m a song-writer and I just wrote a song with her (the same pop star).” Wow! That’s crazy.

I told her that all of these coincidences were not purely that, but they were little hints that God was setting her up. I told her God loved her and gave her the word I felt He had placed on my heart. She instantly started crying and asked me to step with her to a slightly less obvious portion of the restaurant. By this point she was crying and shaking and kept repeating, “you have no idea how much I needed this. God sent you to me!” I prayed for her and gave her a hug.

Thank you Jesus for Tina and for the work You are doing in her life. Bless and encourage her today. Keep using her life as an example of Your goodness.