Debt collectors.

[Risk No. 59] I made several mistakes while I had a nice-paying job. Let’s just say I wasn’t on the Dave Ramsey plan back then. Today one of my 3 debt collectors called to see where I was, and whether I’d be able to settle the account outright. Mr. Reynolds and I have spoken on numerous occasions. None of my debt collectors fit the stereo-typical mold of head hunter. They all seem like normal people trying to make ends meet. He asked me how I was doing and I just told him how much I’ve been growing in Jesus and just how crazy that’s been. “Yeah, you seem like a really religious guy.” I shared why Jesus meant so much to me and how faithful He has been over my life. I asked him how I could pray for him in the new year. “Nothing specific, but please do say a prayer for me.” Gladly.

Jesus, thank You for Mr. Reynolds.

I pray he finds you and clings to you and that you would become the greatest joy of his life.