[Risks No. 57 & 58] For some reason I didn’t feel much like stepping out and risking anything today. Maybe it was the freezing rain, maybe it was the devil. My wife asked me to run to the store on my way home. I entered with an attitude fixed on not praying for anyone, sometimes I just want to run the errand and get home. I made a mistake, though. I asked God for an opportunity. Within seconds I noticed an older couple who both had oxygen tanks pumping Co2 to their lungs. That’s a strange sight. I approached them and asked how their lungs felt today. The man (Frank) said he felt fine but the woman (Annie) was in obvious pain/labored breathing. I asked if I could pray that Jesus would help their breathing and heal their lungs. They agreed. I prayed that pain would go, that the lungs would open and that breathing would become normal again. They thanked me and I was on my way.

Lord, I pray for complete break-through over lung & breathing problems – in Annie, Frank and in the countless others. Your love is bigger even than problems incurred by people who have spent years addicted to nicotine. Lungs: open wide, receive strength from heaven and be healed!