Power and Love.

[Risks No. 60 – 87] This past weekend couldn’t have landed at a better time. The Lord has helped me to be faithful in consistently taking risks and Power and Love is essentially a ministry raising up risk-takers one average every-day Christian at a time. My life bears the fruit of their work.

“If you’re not afraid to look foolish, God will make you look smart.” – Bob Hazlett/P&L speaker

I don’t have time to write entries for each individual risk (and non-risk, yes, there are still times where I choose not to step up and out). Over the next few days I will post several individual entries written by my friend, and Anchor School of Ministry leader, Ryan Adams.

Here’s a brief recollection of the risks taken:

60: Arthur (post coming soon)

61: George (post coming soon)

62: Roslyn (post coming soon)

63: Michelle (Asked how we could pray for her)

64: Dianna (Word of knowledge for her shoulders. She was healed)

65: Stephanie (post coming soon)

66: Jill (Healed of back-pain/prophetic word about a “Chaotic” season she was in)

67: Cindy (Healed of back problems/prophetic words)

68: Audra (post coming soon)

69 – 72: Several people would not let us pray/talk to them. They’d either ask for prayer but keep walking or just walk away from us like we were crazy. Bless them all, Lord!

73: Renee (prophetic word/Word of knowledge/healing to knee and stomach)

74: Dolores (prophetic word/healed of arthritic pain)

75: Andrelia (prophetic word that brought to tears to her eyes.)

76: Chris (Asked why he limps. Prosthetic leg was the answer. Prayed for him)

77-79: Karen – Matt – Kelsey (Mom and kids. Prayed over them and received word about her left shoulder. It was healed)

80: Geraldo (Asked him, in poor spanish, how I could pray for him. He was healed of stomach and leg pain)

81: Had a word for a girl at lunch. Forgot to ask her name – OOPS!

82: JW (Word of knowledge on knee pain. I was wrong. Got to explain to him learning to hear God’s voice.)

83: Jack (Word of knowledge about left hip pain. He let me pray once and was in a hurry. Was not healed instantly)

84-85: Maggie & Chip (Prayed a blessing over their new business)

86: Curtis (Prayed over his back at a stop light. Didn’t have time to ask him how he felt)

87: Debbie (Encouraged her with a word)

Thank you, God, for all the wonderful opportunities hundreds of Your kids had here in our city during Power and Love. Help us continue walking in full confidence of who we are in You and just what is possible as a result of our relationship. I love you, God. Love you, Jesus. Love you, Holy Spirit.