Carolyn & Rejection.

[Risks No. 90 – 92] A co-worker and I walked across the street to Aldi’s. I noticed a mom with two children who was outfitted in what I assumed to be Muslim dress. I asked her if she had any pain in her back. She didn’t. “Do you have pain anywhere else in your body?” She replied that her right ankle was in pain from a fall. “Can I ask Jesus to heal you?” Her eyes widened and she quickly turned me down and gathered her kids. I respectfully thanked her for her time (Lord, I pray you would still heal this mom’s ankle and move her heart). We checked out and met Carolyn at the counter. I asked her how we could pray. “Just pray however you want!” We asked if she had any pain. Her right shoulder has been problematic and the DR’s are considering surgery. We laid our hands on her shoulder and commanded it to be better. We asked her to try moving and see how it felt. Her eyes widened and she replied with a confident, “no pain anymore!” She said it still felt a bit stiff but she was so grateful. Then she told us her pastor had given her a word the day prior (Sunday) that this week she was going to receive a blessing from God. “You are my blessing!” God, you are just beyond good.

On the way back we noticed a man limping and prayed for him. He had no pain but still experienced stiffness from a knee surgery 2 years ago. Sometimes I don’t feel the prompt/need to have someone test their body, but simply trust that God has heard our prayers and will respond.