Discerning His voice.

[Risk No. 93] I went to the Mall today to buy pens at JoAnn’s. While driving, I felt like Jesus might be wanting to bless someone through me. In all honesty it felt like a normal thought so I wasn’t sure if it was Him or not.

I pulled into the parking lot and a van pulled into the space directly facing mine. It was a young mom with her little daughter. “Hmmm,” “I wondered, “was this who Jesus wanted to bless?” Praying about it, I received the impression that all Jesus wanted me to do at that point was to listen and wait. “OK Lord, will do!” I didn’t know why at the time but I specifically noticed that she was wearing a burgundy coat. I went “hmmm” once more when they also walked into the JoAnn’s store just in front of me.

Wandering around looking at pens and other crafting goodness, while still praying I felt that if I had the chance I should pay for her purchase. At one point I looked up and saw a woman with her small daughter, at first thinking it was the one who had earlier caught my eye but then noticed that the coat in her basket was navy. A third “hmmm” escaped me because if I hadn’t noticed the other woman’s coat earlier I wouldn’t have realized she was the wrong woman. In spite of all this I just didn’t feel like I was supposed to hunt her down, and jump in line before she did. I finished shopping, and didn’t see the woman in the store so I told Jesus that it was in His hands and I trusted Him that even if I had heard wrong. He was pleased that I was willing.

I pulled my phone out, used the coupon on it, and paid for my purchase. Walking to the car, I continued to pray, throwing the pens on the passenger seat and then looking for my phone to play some tunes on the drive home. After considerable searching I realized the phone was no where to be found and that it must have been left on the counter of JoAnn’s. This part is difficult to explain, it’s like without words and in an instant, more like a flash or picture in my brain, what I heard from this impression was “you left your phone in the store so that when you go in to get it, the mom and her daughter will get in line behind you, then you can pay for her things.” It totally floored me and freaked me out a bit. To be honest I thought I must have made it up or it was a case of wishful thinking, but I knew there was only one way to find out.

Back into the store I went, where an older woman with a huge cartful of craft stuff was already in line. The cashier asked if she could help with anything and I explained I had left my phone on the counter. Clicking on her microphone, she requested that someone please bring it to the front. With that settled, I turned to look around and coming around the corner to get in line right behind me, was the young mom with her daughter and burgundy coat! I looked her in the eyes in amazement and then burst out laughing! She sweetly asked me if I was laughing at her and I assured her that no, I was laughing because of how amazing and loving Jesus was! I told her she might think I’m nuts but that I had been praying and believed that He wanted for me to pay for everything that was in her cart! Her eyes widened and she said she couldn’t possibly let me do that! I laughed and told her that this was a gift from Jesus, that she didn’t have to take it, but it was from Him and He wanted to give it to her. I then proceeded to tell her from the beginning how she “happened” to be standing in line behind me. She just looked at me amazed. While we waited for the lady with the enormous amount of stuff in front of us to finish God gave me a natural and grace filled way of bringing up an art show at my church. She immediately asked me where I attended and I was happy to tell her. When everything was paid for and we were walking out she gave me a hug and thanked me. I told her it was a complete pleasure and that I hoped she had a nice rest of her day!

Jesus blows me away! 

– Danni (a member of the church that my friend Johnny pastors)