[Power and Love] We hadn’t gotten a block from the church when we noticed two men hanging around one of Belmont Church’s annex buildings. Before when even crossed the street, I had an inkling that one of those men had a daughter, and the relationship wasn’t good right now. I set the thought aside because I felt we were to go to Green Hills Mall. We crossed over and headed to my car when Chad turned back to address one of the men standing at this corner. Chad asked for his name. “Arthur.” He starts by telling Arthur that he’s on a path where he is afraid of veering off-course, but that God wants him to know that He is with him and will keep him from straying. On a word of knowledge hint (feeling pain in his lower back), Chad asks if he has pain in his back. He does, in addition to pain in his knees and right shoulder. Culprit: arthritis.

We prayed over the arthritis, and lo and behold, his pain instantly leaves his back. We asked about the shoulder, and he said it has hurt from his time as a car washer. I believe it’s his rotator cuff, so we prayed and pain left/mobility returned. He told us there was also this weird moving feeling in his knees – further evidence that the arthritis was on it’s way out. I began telling him how he has a big heart for family, and that God wanted to repair relationships in his life right there. We began praying over this, and I asked if he had a daughter. He did. We prayed for reconciliation, and Arthur is taken aback. He pointed at each of us and said, “everything you have said and prayed is exactly what is going on!” We told him how it was God’s crazy love for him, and we blessed him. As I hugged him, I told him he should call his daughter and tell her he loves her. He smiles and says he JUST got a new phone yesterday!