Breathe Andy.

[Risk No. 94] I was on my morning walk. As I headed down the hill I noticed a man waiting for the bus. The Lord stirred something within me to just talk to him as we waited. I ask him his name and how he was doing. He said his name was Andy and that he was “ok” but that he had been wrestling with sinus / respiratory issues. I couldn’t help but ask if I could pray for him, that this would leave his body. He said “sure!” with much excitement and walked toward me. I said a simple prayer for him and blessed him. I didn’t think to ask if anything had changed but I could tell a tangible change within him. You could tell this isn’t the typical start to the day for someone!
– Corey
Note: Corey “bumped” into Andy the morning after he prayed and received a follow-up report. His sinuses were clear and his breathing was normal. Praise God!