George Francis.

[Power and Love] We arrived at Green Hills Mall, and wandered a bit, looking for lunch.  Chad had a couple inclinations for folks as we were walking in, and just as we were getting ready to head down the escalator to the first floor, we saw a very old man on a bench with walking canes trying to zip up his coat.  We turned around and asked this gentleman if we could pray for him.  There was a little glimmer in his eyes and he said, “of course.”  Chad asked about his canes, and George informed us that he had lost his legs to vascular disease 12 years ago.  Chad told him that he’s always wanted to see God grow back limbs, and that he wanted to pray for it in the Spirit.  So we prayed that God would grow this old man’s legs back. (Ambitious: YES, Impossible: NO!)

Chad then had a vision of George opening the bible and reading it to his children, which was amazing because the word I heard as we approached him was “legacy.”  I began praying after Chad and proclaiming the awesome legacy that George was leaving behind in his Clarence and grandchildren.  I prayed that his influence would outlive his name.  As I was looking at his hands, The Lord told me to pray for his heart, even though the vascular disease hadn’t given him problems in years. Father reminded me that someone once said we receive our 23 year-old bodies back in heaven, so I prayed that God would renew George’s heart to the way it was when he was a young man.  He was so receptive of everything we prayed. – Ryan Adams