[Power and Love] We wandered down in to what we assumed was the food court where Chad spotted a young lady sitting by herself.  Her name was Rosalyn, and she was actually waiting to start her shift over at Nordstrom’s.  She was open right from the get-go for us to pray for her, so Chad began to speak on how there was this perceived pressure pressing down on her, but that God is with her and will guide her through this part of her life.  He felt like there was also something to her having a gift of teaching. We asked her about it, and she didn’t seem to connect the dots, but she said her father was a pastor in Memphis. I told her I felt like that aspect of her dad’s gift to teach was part of her inheritance, and it was going to come out in some really fantastic ways.  Finally, I asked if she had had some relationships in the past that had left her disappointed or fearful of futures ones.  She enthusiastically agreed.  I prayed that Father would keep her heart vulnerable and soft, and that He would protect it from becoming hardened to people in the future. – Ryan.