[Power and Love] We crossed the parking lot to grab a bite at Ruby Tuesday. Our waitress’ name was Stephanie, and I overheard her talking to the table next to us about a kid in Africa and an upcoming mission trip she is trying to make happen.  I grabbed her as she was walking past and asked about it.  She lit up and showed us this picture of a little orphan girl she had met on previous trips. Stephanie told us that as she interacted with the people in this village, they were cursing at her and calling her Satan.  We prayed for financial provision over the next few days that would be effortless, a sign from God that he cherished her heart for missions.  Later, she told us that she was drawn to this child because she herself was an orphan. Chad told her that when he walked in she reminded him of his sister who works at an orphanage in India.  This confirmed Stephanie’s heart for orphans.  He also told her God said she fits wherever she is, because He makes her fit.  Finally, he felt like her immune system was down because of her trips to Africa last year.  She said she had been on-again-off-again sick since she had returned, so we prayed healing over her body. God, thank You for Stephanie and the way in which You are working in her life! – Ryan