There’s Audra!

[Power and Love] At lunch, Chad had randomly asked me how Justin and Audra were, and whether they were still coming to The Anchor.  I told him about the word I had for them over the weekend while I was in New Orleans, and how we prayed through that, in addition to a word I had for Audra about three months ago.  So we leave Green Hills to get back to church.  Chad wants to get coffee, and we almost go to Starbucks, but I remember that there’s this newish coffee shop somewhere on Wedgewood by 12th Ave, which is a tad out of our way but is probably better coffee.

We find this place, walk in and find Audra sitting there with her son Selah and our friend Kelly.  We chatted for a bit, then stood in line to get coffee.  The lady who was taking our order, Diana, goes to Grace Center.  Chad asked if she had pain in her shoulders, which she said she did, so we prayed over that.  Then we sat with Audra and asked what was going on with her, how The Lord must have brought us to that cafe to find her specifically. She is awaiting test results on her liver, which may be the cause of her chronic sickness.  We proclaimed cleansing of her liver, and that God would prompt her spirit to continually step out in boldness to use the gifts she’s been given to reflect His heart to His people in the face of demonic adversity. – Ryan