Pink + Mini-hawk.

[Risks No. 97-100] Pink converse hi-tops are a dead give-away that God’s about to do something. Ok, maybe not, but they sure were hard to miss. So was the buzzed head and mini-hawk. I felt God wanted me to tell Roberta that He is her provider and that she can trust Him. That He knows her needs, and even when she questions where He is, His nearness is closer than ever. Her eyes widened large and soft. I asked if she had kids. “Yes.” I kept hearing the word “childcare” and asked if I could pray over her. I prayed. She was grateful.

Thank you, God, for being Roberta’s provision and for being ours.

Note: Encouraged and prayed for three other people, Jodi, Matt and a woman who’s name I forgot to ask – shame on me.