[Risk No. 105] This morning I wrestled with whether to drive through the Bank or to actually go in. Love won – it’s harder to love people with windows and space between. As I made my deposit and walked out, I said good morning to a woman ahead of me walking to her car. She turned around, somewhat startled. “Did I forget something?!” No, mam, I was just saying hi. Then as soon as I saw her face, I knew I had to encourage her. I did, and she lit up like a light bulb. I noticed she had a hard time walking and asked if she was in pain. “Arthritis, in both knees – and my thumb.” I told her I had to pray for her and explained how Jesus instructed his disciples with, “freely you’ve received, freely give.” She happily agreed. We held hands and commanded arthritis to leave and for bones and body to work. “I felt that,” are always good words immediately following an “amen”. I reminded her how much Jesus loved her and that her knees would continue to feel better.

As I walked away I could hear her praising Jesus. I turned to look and witnessed her singing out praises.

Thank You, Jesus, for sweet hearts and fresh starts.