Fast Friday.

[Risks No. 107 – 114] While in college, a few friends decided we would begin fasting and praying on Fridays. The fasted Friday journey continued on and off in my life ever-since. When the dream of Come&Live! began maturing, it seemed natural to wed the two. The idea is simple, fast and pray for the needs of others – both those far away and those nearby. As an organization, we’ve begun to also use part of the day spending time loving others. Not always a comfortable choice, but the right one. This past Friday we split up in three different groups, leading new students from the Anchor School of Ministry on their first “be the love” experience. As long as love is our motivation, we can’t go wrong.

I was partnered with John and Conrad. We ended up taking about 8 risks while shopping for a few last minute supplies for my daughter’s birthday. We were rejected a couple of these times, one was almost hilarious as I tried sharing a word of encouragement with a middle-aged businessman. He stopped, eyed me straight up and down a couple times, then turned around and just kept on walking. It’s easy when being rejected to assume the role of wounded soldier. In reality, we were promised rejection (by Jesus himself) and we continue treating people in loving kindness, praying God moves powerfully in their lives – despite how they may have just treated us.

Tawanna & Tanya were standing across from each other in the flower department, talking. I asked if either of them had a heavy weight that was a burden to them and really consuming their thoughts. The “word” was vague, but they both quickly nodded and talked about how they had both just moved to Nashville and they had family members who were wanting to return home (one to Florida and the other to California). We prayed over each of them and God gave me a word of knowledge over Tawanna’s back. We prayed and her pain lessened but didn’t completely leave. I encouraged her that God loved her and would continue restoring her. They were both encouraged.

The Lord gave me an encouraging word for the checkout lady, and a word that her right shoulder was giving her problems. She acknowledged both and as we were walking out we could hear her saying, “wow. Just wow.” Thank you, God.

I’m looking forward to many sweet times together with the ASM students this semester!