[Risk No. 106] During our Fast Friday prayer meeting this morning I prayed for a friend’s wife (whom I had never met before). While I was praying for her I kept hearing the word “headache.” I was too scared to ask her in front of everyone whether she dealt with headaches, but as prayer ended I couldn’t get the idea out of my heart. I finally approached her, “Hey Sarah, do you deal with headaches, especially from tension in your neck?” Her husband instantly confirmed and I instantly praised God. For two years she’s dealt with headaches due to tension/stress in her neck. I told her how God sometimes gives me insight over others because He desires to heal them. She wasn’t currently experiencing a headache but we prayed, rebuking stress, pain and tension. I was able to encourage her with words God gave me specific to how He sees her.

Sometimes, the risk is being willing to share what comes to heart during a community prayer time.

God, You are so incredible. I am awed by You. Help me never stop taking risks.

Prayer: For those experiencing head aches, migraines, head trauma, brain diseases/disorders: In Jesus name, be made whole.