Heavy Cream.

[Risk No. ZERO] I came home one evening, realizing that I had grabbed Half & Half, not Heavy Whipping Cream. Needless to say, my wife was not impressed. I journeyed back out to the grocery store (not a task I was happy about), feeling discouraged that I hadn’t just grabbed the right item when I had the chance.

I arrived at the store with one of those moods where I did not feel like risking with anyone. God has been so faithful to hold my hand through this process and to journey with me. On this night, though, I was feeling a major attack of despair and discouragement. It may have been a couple of earlier rejections in the day or maybe just a spiritual assault. Either way, I entered and exited the store with barely saying a word to anyone. God loves us when we are walking in radical obedience and He loves us even when we’re choosing otherwise. What a God we serve. Jesus, help me (us) grow in loving and risking – whether we “feel” great or not.