Toy man.

[Risk No. 115] David and I picked up balloons for the party on Saturday. While in the toy store the shop owner happily inflated a dozen-or-so balloons. I felt a weird sensation in my left wrist and thought it might be a word of knowledge. I stopped, asked God about it and looked around. No one stood out over the others but I was closest to the toy man, so I figured it might be him. When he cautiously handed me the bouquet of balloons, I asked him if he had any problems with his left wrist. “Nope.” I shared with him how as a Christian I’m learning to hear God’s voice. He seemed curious. I apologized for missing it and thanked him for helping me practice. He smiled and responded with a warm, “sure!”

Every missed word is not failure, but rather an opportunity to grow in hearing more clearly from the Lord. Do not get discouraged when you miss a word. Keep going, and watch how God moves on your behalf.