Teens & Vicki.

[Risks No. 117-119] Redbox return. Normally the red boxes grace the outside walls of whatever establishment they’ve found a home. Not so with the Cool Springs Publix. As I walked into Publix a group of 6 or 7 teenage girls walked out. One had a large leg brace on her left knee and an another had a cast on her right wrist. I asked if either were in pain. Both were. At that moment, I had a decision to make. Let them all keep walking or do something quick. The Spirit helped. I turned around to face them and called the two in pain over. Can I ask Jesus to heal you both? “Uhm..Ok.” Haha. I love how people respond to quite likely the most random question they’ve been asked….maybe ever. I said a quick prayer and blessed them. The knee brace girl commented how her pain was gone and they both exchanged puzzled looks as they skipped back to catch up with their friends.

I returned the movies and began walking out when I noticed a lady walking in. Once again, someone with a limp. I asked Vicki if it was her left knee. She nodded. I asked if it was arthritis. She nodded again, this time with questions in her eyes. I explained how I’m a Christian learning to have compassion on those who are hurting, both physically and spiritually. She agreed to let me pray. Commanded pain and arthritis to leave and then asked Vicki to test her leg. All pain had left and strength had returned. Thank You, Jesus. Come to find out, Vicki is from Cameroon, Africa. Pretty crazy that God sent a guy from Seattle to Nashville to pray for a lady from Africa.