Wine & spirits.

[Risks No. 120-121] I decided to swing by a “wine and spirits” shop after returning my DVD’s to Redbox. I’m not crazy about wine or spirits, but I really do enjoy quality craft beer (in moderation, of course). I was hunting for a rare STONE “ENJOY BY 02.15.13.” They unfortunately did not have it. As I was paying for a not-so-rare IPA, I felt God gave me the impression that one of the clerk’s (there were three – Tina, Josh and David) may be having back issues. I asked if that was the case. They all looked at me funny. I guess it’s not normal to ask people selling alcohol about their backs. Turns out Tina has had a form of degenerative arthritis in her back and it causes her constant pain. I watched tears well up in her eyes as she began telling me about all the drugs she had tried to take – all to no avail. I encouraged her that God was good and was more than capable to meet her need. I had never been to this store and had not planned on being there on Saturday night.

I asked Josh if he was willing to help me. He nodded. “Ok, please place your hand on Tina’s back.” (NOTE: I sometimes feel there is a grace to include others – even potential non-believers – and let them experience God’s presence for themselves.) They both began feeling heat and her pain almost instantly dropped. It wasn’t 100% gone, but was “significantly lower.” I asked Tina if she could come around the counter so I could lay my hands on her. I prayed a second time, this time with both Josh and I laying hands on her (which, by the way, this was brand new for Josh). Pain was almost completely gone and she was shedding tears of joy. I was able to talk to all three of them about God’s love and the way in which Jesus sees them.

I also met Nathan on this night and asked him if either shoulder was giving him trouble. At first he responded with a convincing no. Then I explained my reason for asking and he looked a bit stunned. “Well, actually, my right shoulder gives me problems off and on.” We prayed for his shoulder and his life.

Almost surprising (but should it be?) where and when God will use us to bring Him glory.