[Risk No. 123] It’s not exactly a major risk to ask a hurting friend (who is a solid believer) if you can pray for them. I include this one because of the drastic turn around. I was meeting my friend Clay for coffee. Clay rules. He’s a drummer and a lover. This guy just exudes compassionate care. A mutual friend had tipped me off only minutes before coffee with Clay that he was scheduled for surgery on his shoulder. “When?” “Tomorrow, 7:30 AM.” Wow, pressure. With God, pressure is simply an obstacle for His goodness to conquer. Surgery plus rehab was slated to run $2,500 – $5,000 out-of-pocket and 8-12 weeks of recovery.

Clay and I spoke at length about healing and how I believe God’s heart is to heal all hurting people all the time. He and I were both raised very contrary to this idea. He kindly agreed to let me pray. We relocated to a spare office room and set to praying. Shoulder, be healed! Pain, leave. Rotator Cuff, work. Ligaments and Tendons: function properly. Almost immediately  he noticed a significant reduction of pain. That’s always a great first sign! Our mutual friend sent me a text Clay had forwarded to some of his close friends he had asked to be praying for him:

Ok y’all, this is crazy, but this did happen. This morning I had coffee with a buddy of mine, he felt the need to pray for healing over my shoulder. I’ve always been a little skeptical of this, but I believe that anything is possible. After praying over it, I went home, and didn’t really feel any pain, so I decided to test it out. After doing push ups, holding weight and stabilizing it, and throwing a football, I had no pain. No pain at all. I’m a little sore from not using those muscles, but there is no pain. I’m going on to get it checked out tomorrow, but based on the doctors recommendations, I will not be having surgery. Despite what you may believe or not believe, this really happened. I wanted to let you all know. I love you all, and I will give you updates as I have them, but for now, no pain, no surgery.

Clay’s Doctors agreed to canceling the early morning surgery, encouraging him instead to do a couple therapy sessions to regain former strength (his shoulder had been giving him problems for years), with a follow-up MRI in 6-9 months. I’ll gladly keep you posted.

God, You are amazing. Nothing is impossible for You.