Knuckles Together.

[Risk No. 124] This morning was emissions-testing morning, which is always fun, especially when your “check engine” light has been on – meaning rejection is eminent. Needless to say, I didn’t pass. 30 days to get my car fixed! That is the bad news.

The good news is that, A. There was no line, no waiting, and even better; B. I approached a group of 3 employees waiting for cars to pull in line. Thought I heard the word “knee,” so as usual, I asked. No one had knee problems. Here’s the shocker. The man standing right next to me said, “I want to agree with you on that. Let’s just pray!” Wow. Just a tiny step with a failed word of knowledge and a perfect stranger is taking up the baton of prayer. He placed his knuckles to mine, and to my surprise, so did the other men. The woman came behind, placing her hands on two of the worker’s shoulders. He prayed a powerful prayer and I prayed over the four of them. It was the first time I’ve ever knuckled-together in prayer, but it was riveting and sweet.

Jesus, You are amazing.

As I drove away, I couldn’t help but think the following:

1. Why hadn’t I asked if they had any other pain in their bodies?

2. Why didn’t I ask God to give me prophetic insight for them and encourage them?

Though questions fair enough, both were emphasizing what I didn’t do, rather than what God helped me do. This is often how the accuser comes. Even in the midst of wonderful encounters, he reminds us of all the things we haven’t done. Resist him, he will flee!

I (we) must learn to trust the Holy Spirit. He knows my heart’s motives and intentions. If these men/woman needed additional healing or encouragement, is He not big enough to deliver it? He is. Trust Him and continue learning to live love.

UPDATE: Several days later I stopped back by the testing station. I met Richard & Mike (Richard was the stranger above who began praying). Richard shared with me how one of the men’s sisters had just had surgery on her right knee and that right after I had left he had shared and they had prayed for her. He also stated how his right shoulder had been in pain that morning and my prayer encouraged him to seek the Lord on it. When I saw him this morning the Lord had completely healed him. God is beyond good.