“Encourage Her.”

[Risk No. 128] I rushed to fuel my car and head out to a lunch meeting I was already running late to when I noticed Gina sitting in her car with the door open. Heard the still-small Voice remind me, “encourage her.” I walked over, noticed she was scratching a lottery ticket, and quickly said, “Hey, God loves you and wants me to remind you that He notices you all the time!” With that, I turned to walk away – but how do you walk away from a daughter of the King who is now quickly approaching with arms flung wide? Embrace the moment, embrace this daughter. I prayed a blessing over her and reminded her how much Jesus cares. Her entire countenance shifted, I watched it. I’ve seen this happen countless times now. There is a pre-Holy Spirit daze and a post-Holy Spirit gleam. They are night and day. One spells, “My day sucks and no one cares.” The other says, “I am SOO loved and I’m going to have a great day!” Only Jesus.