LaMont, Kevin, Johnny.

[Risks No. 125-127] As I pulled into the “Kwik Kar Oil & Lube,” I noticed a tall African-American man (with sweet dreads) walking away from Kwik Kar. The word “ankle” came to my heart the second I saw him. I surrendered my keys and took a seat in the back. Within a matter of minutes LaMont called my name. I was somewhat surprised to realize that LaMont was the man I had seen earlier. We talked about the weather and how he loves Miami. He especially loves Miami for the topless beach and asked me how much I’d love to be there right now. Tempting, but I shared how I’m happily married and Jesus has been healing me of lust. His countenance instantly changed. I didn’t bash him, just shared how I don’t need a topless beach to satisfy my deepest longings. Jesus is more than enough. I then asked if either ankle was giving him trouble. “Yeah, my right one.” Turns out he was born with flat arches and over the past few years the right one has been a major problem. He’s been to doctor’s, worn boots and braces and taken all kinds of meds. None of it worked. I asked for LaMont’s hand. He freely offered it. Rebuked pain and commanded foot to work. “LaMont, try walking around on it a bit and tell me how it feels.” He walked outside the office building and within a couple of minutes returned with a quizzical look, “Do you have some kind of secret power?” Yes, I do. His name is Jesus. He made you, He loves you and He has a plan for your life. LaMont continued to express how strange this was. We prayed a second time that the little remaining pain would leave. He walked outside a second time.

Enter: Kevin. Kevin was one of LaMont’s co-workers. I asked if he had any back problems. He used to but was fine now (failed word). I asked if he had any other pain in his body. “My teeth are killing me because I just had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled yesterday.” Hmm, this may have been a first for praying over a post-surgery tooth/jaw pain. I asked for Kevin’s hand. Pain: leave. Gums and jaws: be loose. I was then able to share a prophetic word with Kevin about how God sees him as a leader and that he has a gift of leadership. “That’s weird, other people have said that about me.”

By this time LaMont returned, still just as shocked and awed. I paid and they asked me to meet them out back where my car was. The Holy Spirit had showed me how LaMont once was near and had drifted off. Before I even asked LaMont if he wanted to give his life back to Jesus, he began to share how he once had a thriving walk with Jesus but had drifted off. Crazy confirmation! “Well, do you want to come back to Him right now? His arms are wide open to you!” His answer was sincere and thought-out, “Yes, I do.” We held hands and prayed. I gave LaMont my cell, email, church info and let him know how Jesus didn’t ask people to repeat prayers but to take up their cross and follow him. Just minutes earlier we were talking about half-nude Miami beaches. Holy Spirit, You have such a way of working!

Kevin also said he would love to come to church and get back to Jesus. Once again I wrote out all my contact info and encouraged him.  Come to find out, a local salesman had been watching much of our conversation/praying and came over to me to share his testimony. In the 1970’s Johnny had been a biker with the Hell’s Angels. He attested to the night Jesus found him. He had been hit by a firetruck while on his Harley and dragged 200 feet. The Doctor’s were shocked he survived the crash and gave him zero chance to walk. While in the Hospital he had a dream, in which Jesus spoke to him and touched his body. He woke up the next morning completely healed. He gave his heart to Jesus right then and there and has been following him since. I prayed for and encouraged my brother.

I’ve never had so much fun getting my oil changed! Jesus, be praised. Holy Spirit: thank You! Father God, I’m so glad to be Yours.