[Risk No. 130] One of the easiest ways to begin praying for the sick is to by asking random people you meet through-out life if they have any pain in their bodies. Until you are operating in a high-level Word of Knowledge gifting, just ask! This is exactly how I discovered that Katarina had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and deals with stomach issues. She is constantly in pain and can’t remember what it feels like not to be. Surprisingly, she was feeling exceptionally good today (not the first time this has happened – where someone is constantly in pain and then when God connects us, healing has already begun taking place prior to prayer, or even prior to meeting). I encouraged her and asked if we could pray. We prayed. She talked about how she can discern the “vibe” people carry and that she knew I had a good “vibe” when she saw me walk in. I told her Jesus was the best vibe I could ever carry and He was going to heal her. I talked with her again before I left the restaurant and she was still feeling great. Planting seeds!