Barista Parlor.

[Risk No. 131] Three ladies sat down next to my friend and I at the coffee parlor. One asked me if she could use the chair next to us. Of course. As soon as I saw her I felt the Lord gave me a word to encourage her that she is a key member in her family and then I saw a picture of a room with 4 pillars and that she was a pillar in her family. I shared this and she patted my shoulder and thanked me for making her day. I felt the word “random pains.” I asked them if that applied. One had weird “random” stomach pains and the other had broken a disc in her back. They allowed us to pray over them, so we all held hands and prayed. I asked the lady with disc pain to check her back and she said she didn’t notice any change and quickly shut me down when I asked to pray a second time. It’s OK, God is bigger than feelings and I am fully confident He is working, maybe even right this second!