[Risk No. 133] Colton reminded me of Matt Hoffman (the BMX super-star). I asked him if he rode BMX bikes. He didn’t. He was into motorcycles. I asked if he had ever crashed. He had. Tore up both of his knees and broke his foot. Asked if there was still pain. The was, constantly, in both knees. “Colton, are you ready for this?” was the question that came out of my lips. It wasn’t an arrogant or prideful question, but my heart was full of faith that God would move. Sometimes this happens and I feel the best description I can give is the gift of faith comes over me and I just know that God is going to work.

“Sure.” His response was timid. I held out my hand, people almost always stretch out theirs to take mine. He had no idea where I was heading when I began thanking Jesus for Colton, blessing his life and commanding knees to be normal. I prayed and then shared a word how God’s made him creative and as a leader. That people will listen and follow. Had him check his knees. He said, “this is really weird actually. They don’t really hurt anymore.” Thank You, Jesus. My friend gave him a word regarding a relationship with a girl that was on the rocks and that God wanted to reconcile. When asked if that made any sense, his response was encouraging; “Yeah, actually it does. That’s really weird, too.”

Asked Colton if he had a relationship with Jesus. “Well, no, I don’t go to church.” Interesting how people correlate going to church and personal relationship with Jesus. I rephrased; “Would you consider Jesus your best friend?” He did not. I asked him to do me a favor and tonight before he went to bed to ask Jesus what it would look like to be his best friend. I didn’t feel I was to lead him in a prayer but rather lead him in a question that Jesus would gladly answer in His time.