[Risk No. 134] I noticed the man motoring his wheelchair from checkout lane to checkout lane, making a focused effort to find the shortest line. He was overweight and it’s always a bit more challenging for me to approach hurting people who are overweight, purely because I want to honor them and be sure I don’t offend them before I’ve even asked how to pray. When he found my lane, I knew my only option was risk. I said hello and asked if he was experiencing any knee pain. He was, in both knees and his hips. I asked if the Doctor’s were planning surgery. “I won’t let them.” Stubbornness isn’t always a bad thing in my book. I asked his name and shared mine. “Can I pray that Jesus heals you completely?” I don’t know how to describe this but Southerners have a way of saying both Yes and No in the same breath. His mouth spoke Yes but his lips rang, “No, at least not here – but if it makes you feel better, pray for me on your own dime.” I asked a second time if I could pray right then. “No, I’m OK – but thank you very much.”

Southern rejection. Jesus promised it, but down here it sometimes comes like the tea, sugary sweet.

Lord, thank You for “Coach”! Thank You that You love him desperately. Thank You that Your heart is to restore his body and his life. Would You continue to work wonderfully in and through him. Hips and knees: be healed! Life and hope: be restored!