[Risk No. 135] While at church I noticed a man seated across from us. There was really nothing about him that stood out as exceptional other than a tiny inner feeling that said otherwise. I felt God give me a simple picture for him. The service ended and Beth and I began chatting with some nearby neighbors. I was keeping my eyes on this young man knowing that I would forget to share the word if I lost him. He began walking out of the sanctuary so I rudely interrupted wife and neighbor. I quickly made my way to the rear exit and noticed that Noah was already a far distance down the parking lot ahead of me. I ran. Rarely do I run after people. I tried not to scare him when I came up behind him but I failed. “Wow, you scared me!” Ha, sorry!

I shared the “word” and prayed for him. The whole time he looked puzzled and I discovered that he had been invited to church and was trying to figure out whether God loved him. I feel that God may have had me chase him down purely for the sake of reminding him that he was loved by the creator of the universe.

Lord, continue drawing questioning sons and daughters into our churches and into Your presence. Help us to love them as You would.