[Risk No. 136] Tonya sat outside the grocery store selling the homeless paper. I asked if she had already had lunch. She hadn’t. “Is there anything you would like?” It was a cold day and she seemed to come alive at the idea of Chili. I made the purchase, asked my cashier if he had any knee problems (which he didn’t. I then asked if he had ever heard of a Word of knowledge. He hadn’t, so I briefly explained my learning process. It gets frustrating on the days where I just seem to miss words left and right. Yesterday was one of those. Somehow Jesus keeps pushing me forward. If you’re missing words, know that you are in good company. Every miss is worth even the one that God helps me nail. Grow and grow.)

I brought Tonya her soup and she asked if Andy and I had any cash. I did. I used to wrestle so much with when and where to give – especially to homeless folk. Anymore I try to give whatever I can and trust that God will use my generosity more than my scrutiny. $14 was in my wallet and $14 is what she received. Tonya seemed a bit sketchy, something about her rang – “I can tell you are really nice guys and you’re probably naive enough to help me.” I could be totally wrong. Regardless of her motives, she asked, and Jesus said to give to those who ask of you. So I gave. I’m learning. We prayed for her and were on our way. Lord, thank You for the world you love, especially (even) when their motives to receive from you may not be pure. You love anyway.