[Risks No. 137-138] I love my friend Patrick. We go way back. I enjoy catching up with him over a craft brew. Taprooms are funny places. Everytime I’m near one I’m reminded that Jesus would have had no problem encountering every drowning soul with love and hope. It can be easy for us to make assumptions about people based on their locale. Jesus didn’t. Our server was Rosa. I received a simple word that “God was for her and not against her. That she often times felt invisible to Him but that was indeed the farthest thing from the truth.” I shared with her and encouraged her. She looked at me sort of funny. I later asked if she had any pain on her left side. She didn’t.

Jason was a burly server of a young man. I asked God how he saw Jason and felt him respond with, “I view him as a champion. He does not quit nor does he give up. He perseveres and that is a character trait I placed within him.” I approached him, shared that I was a Christian and that I believed God wanted to encourage him. I shared the word and he politely thanked me.

I couldn’t help but wonder if both servers assumed I had drank one too many beers (which I hadn’t). Why is it that drunks seem to say some of the kindest things in their stupor? I ought never be drunk with wine but fully filled and satisfied by the Spirit. Lord, I want to learn to consume Your Spirit more than any beverage or meal this world could offer me.