World Racer.

[Risk No. 139] As I drove to a local coffee shop, I lightly envisioned a girl at the counter that God was going to have me encourage. My friend and I walked up to the counter, where I smiled and said “Good morning!” She was instantly caught off guard. Love it. Even the simple act of carrying joy is infectious. Smiles are rare. Want more opportunities to love and encourage others? Smile – The King of the universe lives inside you!

I asked Heather her name and told her that, as a Christian, God sometimes gives me words to encourage people with. I shared how God had placed a sound deep with in her, not a creative musical sound (most Baristas in Nashville are also aspiring artists), but a sound to communicate love. I saw a big event coming up in the future for her and that there was going to be an opportunity for her to share. That she would be able to share and do it well.

The tears were once again a great indicator that God was stirring. Turns out Heather is a radical Jesus-follower who is preparing to be a member of the World Race. She’s beginning to fundraise and will be sharing her passion with many. My friend and I were able to encourage her. Heather rules. People are amazing. They bear the image of the Father! Go check out Heather’s World Race journey here.

Lord, we pray that Heather never stops dreaming with You. That she constantly lives out her passion to make You famous. Bring her everything she needs for the World Race and beyond.