Missed Ankle.

[Risk No. 140] While at the coffee shop I noticed a large man who stood out to me (possibly because he was a big dude?). Felt like I heard the world “ankle” in my heart, so as he walked by the booth where I was sipping Chai, I asked if either ankle bothered him. Nope. Missed word. God has been filling me up with so much joy that it just doesn’t hold me back anymore to miss a word. It’s a simple reminder that I’m growing and that I’m continuing to say YES. Humility is a virtue. I explained my usual, “I’m a Christian learning to hear Jesus, etc. etc. etc.” I blessed him and he smiled, “wow – that’s cool.” In my head: Well, actually, it didn’t feel very cool because I was wrong. You should see how cool it is when God helps me get it right!

Right or wrong – if love and compassion are my motivators, then I’ve been provided yet another opportunity to smile at a stranger and remind them God loves them.