Moving Mountains.

[Risk No. 142] Pulling out of the bank lot onto the road, I noticed a woman selling the homeless paper. She had a pronounced limp and I instantly recognized her face. I was able to pull right up next to her. “Hey, I’m pretty sure I’ve prayed for you! Was it your knees?” Jennifer nodded and told me they were still hurting (severe arthritis). This is where the enemy loves to deceive us. Just because a mountain did not move the first time we prayed does not mean God’s will is not to help us move it still.

Pray without ceasing. “Can I pray for you again?” She seemed to hesitate. Most people are still so shocked that we would stop and take the time to pray for them. I held out my hand and she took it. Case closed! We prayed and I commanded pain to leave and her body to be made whole. I thanked her for who she was and for how God saw her.

My daughter was sitting in the passenger seat, our kids watch us far more than we even know. Am I representing Jesus while my children are near or am I only on mission when I’m miles from home?