[Risk No. 143] Jerry spent years jumping off airplanes. He’s now a quality mechanic here in town. We met on Saturday when I picked up my car from the shop he works at. Cash exchanged hands and I asked him how I could pray for him? “Excuse me, what?” His response indicated he either had not heard me or couldn’t dare believe I was asking to pray for him. I repeated my question and this time added the thought, “how is your back? Does it give you any trouble?” Without skipping a beat, Jerry explained his former paratroop adventures that had left his back in horrible shape. I’ve been on every kind of drug, I’m in constant pain. My discs and spine are messed up – from my neck all the way down.

I asked a few more questions and held out my hand. For some reason, people nearly always respond with theirs. It’s almost an innate response. I prayed, commanding pain to leave and discs to be return to normal shape. I shared what I felt the Spirit was saying, that Jerry was a man of integrity and he did the job right the first time. His pain began subsiding so we prayed again. I spent another 5 or so minutes sharing about Jesus and how amazing He is. Turns out Jerry was a man of faith and wanted to know what denomination I had grown up in.

I asked Jerry one last time how his back was. He threw a thumbs-up into the air and said, “it actually feels really good.”

Praise God. Jesus, continue drawing Jerry into Your heart. Bless him to be everything You desire him to be.